Retro Air Jordan 4 Wheat gold
Retro Air Jordan 4 Wheat gold

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The Air Jordan series is the most successful basketball shoe collection, and each pair of classic colors in this collection has been loaded into history and become a classic. However, even great products are not perfect from the beginning, and the AirJordan series is no exception. If the original Air Jordan series mastered the surface, then from the Air Jordan 4, this series finally has a real soul.

In the late 1980s, due to the lack of design and manufacturing processes, the complex structure of air-cushion basketball shoes inevitably brought unnecessary weight, which affected the performance of athletes. These shortcomings can also be seen in the first three generations of AirJordan basketball shoes. Although the air cushion has been used since the Air Jordan3, the weight and comfort of the shoes have been sacrificed. This is not in line with JORDAN's basketball style, and the same products are becoming less and less satisfying to consumers. In this historical context, a brand new Air Jordan product has been introduced to the market.

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